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Hear directly from our members who are enjoying the benefits of our technology, data science, analytics and higher education research.

“What NRCCUA has done through innovation, and in the way they are reshaping and redefining themselves is extremely exciting. It allows us to do our jobs more effectively and efficiently.”
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Sean Kaylor

Vice President of Enrollment, Marketing and Communications, Marist College

“I have found Data Lab incredibly useful in that it provides an excellent analytical, quantitative tool that allows me to parse data in ways that I couldn’t do before. Specifically, I am able to detect performance strengths and weaknesses, as well as areas of opportunity, with the analytics that it provides. My ability to drill down and look at specific performance variables is greatly enhanced with Data Lab.”
Brent Benner

Director of Enrollment Management, University of Tampa

“It’s now much easier to review our enrollment funnel and conversion rates. They have made it easy to analyze how very specific prospect characteristics influence movement through the funnel. The Data Lab provides dashboards for analysis that used to take hours to create in other products.”
Charity Wittner

Vice President for Enrollment, University of Mobile

“We are very excited about the NRCCUA Declared Student Connection – because we’re receiving complete profile information on grade 9-12 students who have already indicated (through My College Options®) that High Point University is one of their top choices for college. This program fits very well with our goals of reaching out early to students who already have an interest and would like to explore opportunities at HPU.”
Andy Bills

Vice President for Enrollment, High Point University

“Through continuous search, names provided by the NRCCUA database allowed Keuka College (NY) to not only achieve its enrollment goals but exceed them for Fall 2015; the College actually enrolled the largest class in its history this recruitment year! We could not have accomplished this feat without the services, tools, and consultants that NRCCUA provided. NRCCUA continues to be a proven leader and partner in our success.”
Megan Ryan

Director of Undergraduate, Graduate and International Admissions, Keuka College

“This research as assisted us in fine tuning our employer development programs. There is a confirmation of some of the things we just assumed before and the data will help us better market our students and programs to our community.”
Nathan Ford

Assistant Director of the Office of Career Services, University of West Florida

“Having Eduventures manage all the data collection and data analysis allowed us to undertake this assessment initiative without having to hire someone internally to get it done or further burden our already very busy staff. With everything else we are doing it can be hard to find time to conduct these types of initiatives so we appreciate having Eduventures as a partner we can turn to for help on projects like this.”
Dr. Adrienne Hamcke Wicker

Assistant Director for Assessment, University of Maryland

“NRCCUA isn’t about handing over reams of data, but about showing how colleges and universities can use the data to provide a better future for all students. That’s important to me. Just like I chose Guilford College because of the heart and the values of the college, I chose NRCCUA because of the heart and values of the organization.”
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Arlene Wesley Cash

Vice President for Enrollment Management, Guilford College

“We previewed the Smart+ Approach model inside Encoura Data Lab and are really excited by its capabilities. And for such an accurate and powerful model, using it is incredibly easy. We can simply drag the slider bar to add or remove students based on their likelihood to enroll. This is the level of sophistication we have been hoping for and it will really help us be more efficient and thoughtful around our search planning process.”
Brian Jones

Director of Admissions, Minnesota State University, Mankato

“Every admissions director questions the strength of their applicant pool on a regular basis. While many of us have adapted to sorting through Excel or Access for information, the Data Lab lays the data out in an easily digestible manner. I have loved sharing the charts, graphs and maps with staff, faculty, administrators and alumni alike. It has allowed for more robust conversations at all stages of the enrollment journey.”
Tim Reardon

Director of Admissions, Norwich University

“Working with NRCCUA® is much more than just a contractual relationship between a company and Maryville College. Working with the people at NRCCUA is like having additional team members who are just as invested in our success as we are on campus. They are not only responsive when needs arise, they also keep an eye on trends in data specific to Maryville College, as well as the marketplace, and make suggestions for tweaks on a bi-weekly basis that will positively impact our classes. I highly value the relationship between Maryville College and NRCCUA and the partnership we have for success.”
Cyndi Sweet

Executive Director of Admissions & Financial Aid, Maryville College

“We continue to be impressed with the quality leads generated by the NRCCUA Declared Student Connection, both College-Bound and Honors Editions of the myCollegeOptions Outreach Program and the NRCCUA Talent Identification Program Fall Advantage search list.  From the time I started managing Hanover’s student search initiative, NRCCUA has been a key resource in the growth of our inquiry, applicant and enrolled student pool.  Because of our partnership, Hanover has experienced record growth over the last six years and achieved all-time record enrollment in the fall of 2013.  I look forward to growing Hanover’s relationship with NRCCUA and I’m confident they will always play an active role in our recruitment process as they actively work to stay on the cutting edge of proactive, best practice recruitment and enrollment strategies.”
Chris Gage

Dean of Admissions, Hanover College

“We have found the Declared Student Connection to be a helpful tool in our admissions efforts – 44% of those who connected with Quinnipiac through the program applied, and of those admitted, 12% decided to enroll. Clearly the quality of the student leads is terrific and the process of receiving the information is easy and dependable. We’re very pleased!”
Joan Isaac Mohr

Vice President of Admissions and Financial Aid, Quinnipiac University