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Encoura Platform

The enrollment platform designed to create meaningful connections between students and institutions so everyone can achieve their goals.

Great Outcomes Start with Data-Driven Decisions

Encoura is an enrollment management technology platform that combines student intelligence data, advanced analytics, and education-specific research so institutions can make informed decisions that optimize fit and create the highest probability of success. Be more strategic with actionable insights that help you evolve your enrollment office and meet or exceed your recruiting goals.

Inside The Encoura® Platform

Inside The Encoura® Platform

Inside The Encoura® Platform

Inside The Encoura® Platform

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Class Planner App
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What’s Inside the Encoura Platform

The Class Planner App™

Tired of the unpredictability and stress of your current process of finding and selecting the right students, figuring out the right time to reach out, and making the most out of your budget dollars? We’re here to help!

Find the students who best fit your institution by being able to search and segment millions of profiles nationwide. Identify and analyze your target markets through segmentation, such as gender, GPA, major interest, and much more. Features include:

  • Search/prospect – Connect with students based on institutional match criteria and/or have a statistical probability of enrolling in your institution.
  • Inquiry –  Connect with students who have displayed interest, through the Encoura Inquiry Cloud, in attending your institution. These are students that have identified themselves as interested in your institution based on a set list of options.
  • Declared – Connect with students who have expressed unaided and specific interest in attending your institution.  This is a smaller segment of students who are 6 times more likely, on average, to enroll in your institution when compared to other inquiries.
  • Data enrichment – Enhance your findings with our eMatch® data correction and appending tool.

Additional search planning and execution capabilities can be leveraged using our Omnichannel Enrollment Services.

The Enrollment Lens™ App

Every day we come across enrollment offices that are digging through stacks of printed paper or thousands of lines on a spreadsheet, trying to draw out actionable insights, decipher key performance indicators, and make decisions. It’s exceedingly challenging and time consuming.

With the Enrollment Lens App, you can interact with your enrollment data—from all sources—to fully analyze and understand your institution’s recruitment funnel. And now, with enhanced “point-in-time” or “stage-of-funnel” visualization capabilities, you can dig in and track velocity across key areas of the admissions funnel. This provides the perspective needed to ensure key indicators are moving in the right direction. 

  • Enhance data from all sources using characteristics from millions of student profiles from the nation’s largest free college planning program, MyCollegeOptions®.
  • Apply the platform’s predictive model – Smart+ Predictive Model™ –  to data matched from any source. Smart+ is the most advanced predictive model in the market and is included for all members who choose to activate Encoura Data Lab’s Enrollment Lens App.
  • Quickly and easily identify market opportunities.
  • Zoom in and visualize your enrollment funnel through all stages.
  • See views over time, by program area, academic quality, and likelihood to enroll.
  • Track pace/velocity across key areas of the admissions funnel within the platform, diagnose potential issues, and reconcile execution to strategy in a continuous manner.
  • Compare conversion rates by source and market, while also exploiting data science to validate targeting, conversion, and yield strategies.
  • Use filters to change your views and analyze different years and/or programs.

Additional search planning and execution capabilities can be leveraged using our Omnichannel Enrollment Services.

Eduventures® Research

Eduventures provides research and advisory services that are focused exclusively on analyzing the forces that are transforming higher education. Building on 20 years of success in working with education leaders, Eduventures provides forward-looking and actionable research based on proprietary market data and advisory services that support both strategic and operational decision-making. Our recommendations and personalized support enable clients to understand the top traits of leaders in critical disciplines and evaluate the opportunities presented by new technologies.

Features of Eduventures Research includes:
  • Wake-Up Call – Weekly research briefs on changes in the higher education technology landscape with updates from the technology and solution provider community.
  • Searchable research library that includes:
    • Eduventures Insights – These shorter reports tackle more specialized topics or offer an opportunity to comment on a trending issue, capture good practice or synthesize secondary data. Eduventures Insights offer our clients key takeaways and informative visuals.
    • In-Depth Reports – In-depth reports are deep dives on a major topic, such as student demand, program innovation and student success, clarifying the latest trends and surfacing new insights. Many reports showcase one of Eduventures proprietary surveys. A careful balance between text and graphics ensures an easy-to-read, digestible format.
    • Program Feasibility Series – Over more than a decade, Eduventures has conducted hundreds of program feasibility studies, examining prospects for both new and existing programs for colleges and universities of all types. These studies span undergraduate, graduate and noncredit programming, and a wide array of fields of study. Many studies – suitably anonymized – are archived for the benefit of all clients.

Learn more about the full scope of Eduventures Research and Advisory Services here.

The Smart+ Predictive Model

Want to find the students who are most likely to enroll and thrive at your institution? Smart+ is a predictive model that leverages the power of Encoura’s extensive high school student preference data and Eduventures® student attitudinal research. By combining this in-depth information with your own data and our proprietary machine learning algorithms, Smart+ customers can now more accurately predict which prospective students are likely to enroll in your institution. Smart+  is the most advanced predictive model in the market and is included for all members who choose to activate Encoura Data Lab’s Enrollment Lens App.

  • Accurate  Smart+ predicts individual student enrollment at a specific institution with improved accuracy over current models.
  • Scalable – Using data from the nation’s largest college planning program that is unique to Encoura, giving institutions capabilities they haven’t had before.
  • Fast – Using the most recent technology, the Smart+ runs faster and more often than other models. Get your data in a few hours vs. days or weeks, and refresh that information on an as-needed basis.
Student Mindsets™

How confident are you in the messages you send your prospective students? Are they the right messages sent at the right time?

Through an analysis of the results of the Eduventures® Prospective Student Survey, we have identified six distinct Student Mind-sets from a comprehensive array of outcomes, college experiences, and decision criteria. The Encoura platform now allows its users to apply these mindsets to the nation’s largest panel of high school students, further informing how and when to message prospective students and what messages will resonate with them. These mind-sets include:

  • Social Focus
  • Experiential Interests
  • Career Through Academics
  • Career Pragmatists
  • Grad School Bound
  • Exploration and Meaning

The Encoura platform leverages this analysis to help identify prospective students that are a best fit for your institution and helps you create messaging and content that is highly relevant to your best-fit candidates.

Learn more about the full scope of Eduventures Research and Advisory Services here.

The Power of Our Omnichannel Enrollment Services

Create the enrollment office of the future, today! Our Omnichannel Enrollment Services ensure that your campaigns are effective at identifying and engaging ideal prospective students. Through regular collaboration with our team, we’ll guide and measure your institution’s campaigns using a data-driven approach. Continuous, clear reporting on campaign performance will allow colleges and universities to identify the channel and messaging mix that is delivering the best results.


Define Your Strategy

Use the Enrollment Lens App in the Encoura platform to identify opportunities and areas for improvement.

Target Appropriately

Leverage our data science, and specifically, our Smart+ Predictive Model, to assist in identifying the best prospects and inquiries based on funnel analysis.


Develop Your Skills

We’ll develop and empower your team to become enrollment data analysts through our 12-month training program.

Leverage Our Communication Engine

No matter what channel mix you choose, be it digital or traditional or a combination of both, we’ll ensure your communications go to the right student at the right time.

Get Real-Time Analytics

The Engagement Analytics App in the Encoura platform allows real-time insight so that messaging and tactics can be continuously improved throughout the campaign and into the future.


Enjoy a Transparent Partnership

The enrollment services team is made up of enrollment experts who will guide you to goal-focused execution of all campaigns.

Empowering students and institutions to create meaningful connections.

For nearly 50 years, Encoura (formerly ACT | NRCCUA) has been a leading provider of data science, research, strategic enrollment and marketing services to over 2,000 member institutions across the nation.