Find and Engage the Best-Fit Prospective Students

Evolve your enrollment recruiting strategy through technology, data science, analytics, and research.

Membership matters.

NRCCUA® is a membership organization that has, for more than 44 years, been a leading provider of data, research, and programs serving public and private colleges and universities to enhance their marketing and recruiting efforts.

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Encoura™ Data Lab

Encoura™ Data Lab is a data science and analytics technology platform that provides colleges and universities the information and capabilities required to create the data-enabled enrollment office of the future, today.

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Eduventures® Research and Advisory Services

Eduventures’  research library provides industry insights year round, and blends institutional data to guide the latest enrollment and demographic trends and innovations in program planning and business model strategy.

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Omnichannel Enrollment Services

Our Omnichannel Enrollment Services ensure that your enrollment campaigns are effective at identifying and engaging ideal prospective students.

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Why Encoura Data Lab?

Easy to Use

Enjoy a user experience that is beautiful, simple, and highly intuitive.


Unlike a static list, get dynamic information that lets you interact and dig in deeper.


Identify your top prospects during search, not after, and enjoy up to eight times greater accuracy.

Data Driven

Search, engage, and enroll students based on intelligent data and research that guide you along the entire journey.


Get CRM-ready, deduplicated data in any format you need.



Blow through data silos—access data from all sources in one place, including data from the nation’s largest college planning program.



Search for and find the information you need. Then get it with one click.



Move past obstacles and uncertainty to become a more strategic organization.

“I have found Data Lab incredibly useful in that it provides an excellent analytical, quantitative tool that allows me to parse data in ways that I couldn’t do before. Specifically, I am able to detect performance strengths and weaknesses, as well as areas of opportunity, with the analytics that it provides. My ability to drill down and look at specific performance variables is greatly enhanced with Data Lab.”

Brent Benner

Director of Enrollment Management, the University of Tampa

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