Digital Marketing Solutions for the Evolving Enrollment Office

Reach your prospective students wherever they go.

You’re working harder. Why shouldn’t your media budget work harder for you?

We’ve designed and managed innovative digital campaigns for hundreds of institutions. Clients appreciate our creative approach to digital enrollment marketing for undergrad, transfer, grad and adult students. 

First-Time Freshman and Transfer Student Next-Gen Custom Audience Targeting

Reach your best fit students through our sole source custom audience targeting solution. Leverage the popularity of Amazon, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and more as your ads reach students on their personal platforms. The right frequency over multiple platforms drives results.

The most popular channels for Gen Z are covered and it’s all a turnkey operation for you.

Mobile Geofencing for First-Time Freshman & Transfers Students

Mobile apps matter. We made the first 100% mobile app network available to higher education years ago. Our in-house research tool identifies a custom mix of locations your ideal prospective students are most likely to visit. Then, we geofence those locations so anyone with a mobile device and location services turned on can be served your message.

Today, we reach 2 out of 3 mobile devices in the U.S. The network has over 50,000+ brand friendly apps – all popular with Gen Z.


“At the end of our Spring digital campaign, we continued marketing to both students and their parents in order to have a strong yield. As a result, we hit our enrollment goals despite being in the middle of a pandemic.”

Director of Admissions, Randolph-Macon College

“Our recruitment strategy centers on geography, fit, and targeted marketing. We had been using online ads to reach prospective students, but now we are strategically targeting best-fit students with geofencing. It has empowered me to use the data I have in the funnel more effectively.”

Associate Vice President of Admissions, Cairn University

Emerging Media

Need a solution for reaching prospective students and their families at home? More Americans are cutting out cable and streaming their favorite shows, and listening to their favorite podcasts and music. You can reach households with teens and adults at home by placing targeted ads in between their favorite binge-worthy shows and podcasts using their connected TVs, game consoles, and audio devices. Let us show you how to put this to work for you.

What Makes Our Approach Unique

Understand the metrics beyond the clicks. With our sophisticated tagging and tracking technology, you’ll see how clicks convert to:

Verified Actions

Expressions of Interest

Applications, Registrations & Confirmations

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