Welcome to part three of Eduventures’ Year in Review for 2019! In part one, Chief Research Officer, Richard Garrett, reviewed his higher ed predictions for 2019. In part two, our Analysts shared what they learned in higher ed this year. This week, we reveal our Top 5 Wake-Up Calls of the year!

Dear Readers,

In December, I am often asked to comment on the “theme” of the past year. For that I turn to you, our readers, who drop clues about what you care most about each week when you read our Wake-Up Calls. Your answer? Enrollment, enrollment, enrollment… plus a sprinkle of edtech, academic program assessment, and recruitment marketing thrown in.

Truth be told, four of the top five Wake-Up Calls this year covered the enrollment environment. These touched on all sectors of the market—breaking down the enrollment haves and have-nots and myth-busting years-old high school graduation rate forecasts. This signals that many of you are grappling with how to best tell your enrollment stories and plans for the future in the context of national and regional trends, whatever your situations may be.

Here we will feature the most popular enrollment post (with links to the other three) along with the next closest, non-enrollment-focused contenders that cover a range of topics. We hope you will enjoy reading them again.

Whatever brings you to our Wake-Up Call each week, we thank you for your readership! It is a privilege to share our research with you.


Happy Holidays,

Cara Quackenbush

Eduventures Vice President of Research at ACT | NRCCUA


Top 5 Eduventures Wake-Up Calls of 2019

1. The Enrollment Paradox,
Part 1 and Part 2

Thursday, January 16, 2019 at 2PM ET/1PM CT

For many years, transfer students were an afterthought at most institutions. Transfer applications – often the first point of contact with these students – would reliably find their way to the admissions office. Today, however, many schools report declining transfer enrollment, lower graduations at feeder schools, and increasing competition for these students.

New Eduventures® research – released in the Annual Eduventures Transfer Student Research™ Report – examines the transfer student landscape and provides insight into the recruitment process from the students’ perspectives. In this webinar, you’ll learn about prospective transfer students’ priorities, college search resources, and concerns.

Also in Program Innovation…
OPM Transparency? A Preliminary Report Card

OPM Transparency? A Preliminary Report Card

The old adage that nothing is certain but death and taxes is due for an update. We’re now assured that the arrival of a new academic calendar invariably sparks renewed debate over the merits, or lack thereof, of online program management (OPM) companies and OPM...

What I Learned in Higher Education in 2019

What I Learned in Higher Education in 2019

It’s that time of year again. As has become an end-of-year tradition at Eduventures, we asked five of our analysts to reflect on a single question: “What did you learn this year?”Some answers identify truly break-through moments in our understanding of the student...