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The higher education market has reached a level of maturity that requires a more sustainable approach toward academic programming. Because the stakes are higher than ever, Eduventures has moved beyond the conventional standards of program feasibility to focus on the end goal – the overall success of your institution and its students. 

Take Your Institution to the Next Level with Future-Proof Programs

Program Feasibility Study

Examine a single academic program to assess its potential for launch or growth. Assess any program—undergraduate or graduate, online or on-campus, focused on traditional students or adult learners.  

  • Discover supply and demand indicators.
  • Identify major competitors in a given program market.
  • Determine potential program differentiators from competitors’ positioning.
  • Pinpoint student interests and priorities.
  • Confidently secure your modality decisions.

Program Strength Assessment

Evaluate your programs against internal and external benchmarks by objectively identifying where your program strengths intersect with students’ values so you can create a strong program portfolio.

  • Analyze up to 25 programs.
  • Benchmark the strength of your program compared to peer institutions.
  • Determine opportunities to expand your program offerings to strengthen the reputation of your institution.
  • Pinpoint programs that meet market demand.
  • Create a distinctive academic portfolio that attracts students to enroll.

Custom Research Study

Explore research questions that are not addressed by traditional Program Feasibility Studies. Assess non-degree markets, provide data-driven enrollment projections, shape online strategy, and more, such as:

  • What is the current market demand for online non-degree programming? 
  • If I launch this program, how many students could I expect to enroll?
  • Which academic programs that I’m not aware of might offer the greatest opportunity for investment?
  • What online approaches, programming, reach, and momentum do leading peer and competitor schools have?

Get Continuous Support from Unmatched Experts

Visualize Portfolio Health

Use our easy-to-read portfolio scorecard to determine if your programs are thriving, lacking demand, or need a little investment to become long-term growth opportunities for your institution. 

Find Opportunities for Long-term Growth or Stabilization

Explore internal and external factors affecting your ability to turn a new or existing program into a pillar of stability or avenue for sustainable growth. We go beyond the “yes or no” basics of program feasibility to provide the important context needed to make informed decisions.

Plan for Student Success by Design

Design each program for student success with pragmatic implementation and pedagogy support backed by unique bodies of research covering traditional student demand, adult learner demand, the changing landscape of online learning, and education technology. 

Execute with Confidence

For over 25 years, our principal analysts have conducted proprietary research to unearth the intricacies of building differentiated program experiences- online and on-campus. Evaluating over 500+ programs annually for institutions with widely varying strategies, goals, and sophistication, Eduventures analysts have a level of exposure to the market you can tap into like an honorary member of your team.

Hear From Our Clients

We’ve used our relationship with Eduventures to vet a lot of the new program opportunities we have considered… They have been the starting point for several of the successful new programs that are now in place at our school. Also important, the Eduventures team has helped us make the difficult decision to close down programs and sites that were no longer producing.

Sean Kaylor

Vice President for Enrollment Management, Marketing and Communication, Marist College

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