Top 3 Most Under-Used Data Points

Most schools aren’t using these three important data points from the Encoura dataset. Are you?

Get started on this personalized prospective student marketing with the 3.5 million high school students in the Encoura Platform who are ready to engage with you today (including the most recently released ACT test takers and Encourage college planning program students) .


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I’m Chris Tyburski, and I have over 25 years of experience in higher education. I have a question for you: when was the last time you audited your CRM’s upload process to see if you were capturing all of the rich and robust data that Encoura provides for your prospective students?

If you’re missing even two or three of the fields of the data that we provide, you may be limiting your ability to highly personalize your messaging plan and really win over the hearts and minds of your prospective students.

Top Three Most Under-Used Data Points: 3 fields for Interest Major, 4 fields for high school courses, prospective student mindsets for persona-based marketing

  • Did you know that Encoura provides three different fields for student major?
  • We provide four fields for the types of the course that the students have taken in high school, AP, IB, College Prep, that sort of thing.
  • We also provide a proprietary feel for student mindset, which allows you to do persona based marketing based on our edge of interest research.

So let’s talk about how we can make these three fields work together strategically to maximize your personalized messaging to students.

Consider Relationships Between Interest Majors

First, if you’re only capturing one major, you might think that a student is only interested in nursing.

If you’re capturing two majors, however, you might see the student as interested in nursing and business, which makes them a prime candidate for your health care administration program.

Connect High School Coursework with College Opportunities

If you know that the students took AP courses, you can tell them how they can get a head start at your institution by earning transfer credits for those AP courses.

Use Student Mindsets™ to Speak to Primary Enrollment Drivers

Finally, if you know that the student is a career pragmatist in terms of Eduventures personas or Mindsets, you can then talk to them about the practicality of your education and the immediate return on investment they’re going to get as you help them find that first job right after graduation.

Those are just three of over 200 fields worth of data provided to you through the core data set.

We encourage you to go back, take a look at your CRM, upload process, and make sure that you’re capturing all of the rich and robust information provided to you so that you can personalize your messaging for maximum effect with your prospective students.

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