Defining the heterogeneous ways in which students think about their upcoming college experiences…

Over the past three years, Eduventures has developed a behaviorally and attitudinally-based market segmentation of college-bound high school students we call Student Mindsets™. This year, the sample of nearly 40,000 respondents was drawn from the myOptions® Encourage™ database of college-bound high school juniors and seniors as well as institutional inquiry lists, allowing us to refine and validate the Mindsets in a national sample of unprecedented breadth and depth.

These market “Mindsets” get at students’ imagined paths through college by assessing the desired outcomes of college, perceived importance of college experiences, and key decision criteria at the time of application.

The fundamental purpose of the Eduventures Prospective Student Research is to help institutions better understand how college-bound high school students approach one of the most important decisions of their young lives. For a teenager, the college decision looms as a complex make-or-break moment, a pivotal turn on an imagined path to adulthood.

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The Eduventures Prospective Student Mindsets are derived from our Prospective Student Research and identify the dreams and desires prospective students have for their upcoming undergraduate educations. Institutions can use them to enliven both recruiting and the student experience. The following provides some critical direction for enrollment professionals to inform their practices to better recruit and engage students using messaging that will resonate with their Mindsets.

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