Defining the diverse ways in which parents think about their students’ upcoming college experiences…

Over the past three years, Eduventures has supported institutions across the country with our prominent Prospective Student Research. This year, we are excited to supplement this valuable research with our inaugural Prospective Parent Research.

The fundamental purpose of the Eduventures Prospective Parent Research is to help institutions better understand how college-bound high school students’ parents approach one of the most important decisions of their children’s lives. This research equips colleges and universities with valuable information revealing parents’ expectations and roles in their child’s college search.

From this research, we will also be sharing distinct “Parent Mindsets” that will reveal parents’ imagined paths for their students through college by assessing the parents’ perceived importance of college experiences, financial expectations, and key decision criteria at time of application.

Eduventures Prospective Parent Research delivers essential insights for you and your enrollment management and marketing teams to:

  • Optimize your marketing and recruiting efforts by tailoring it to Prospective Parent Mindsets
  • Understand the expectations parents have for their child’s college experience
  • Learn about the parent/guardian role in college search
  • Understand how to best reach and support parents in this role

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