Transfer Student Engagement Strategies: The Power of Video and Custom Audience Targeting

Given the uncertainty that young adults are still feeling about the pandemic’s effects on their college experiences, students are exploring new transfer possibilities. Enrollment marketing teams should consider how a robust transfer student engagement strategy can maximize exposure and engagement with their best-fit transfer students.

What are your ideal prospective transfer students doing right now? There’s a high likelihood that they’re scrolling through or streaming on their favorite apps. A well-placed ad on their video or social media platforms can influence and support their educational decisions in significant ways.

In this webinar, Eduventures Senior Analyst Johanna Trovato kick us off with the latest Student Sentiment Research revealing the specific ways today’s prospective students are searching for colleges. Next, VP of Encoura Digital Solutions Reva Levin shares which mobile and video targeting strategies are most effective to maximize your exposure and engagement with your ideal transfer students. We also explore all the rich targeting criteria that exists on YouTube and how to leverage that to capture more transfer prospects at the beginning of their searches for schools to call home.

Learn how institutions can begin using these transfer student engagement strategies to impact their upcoming semester’s transfer enrollment.


Johanna Trovato

Johanna Trovato

Eduventures Senior Analyst

Johanna serves as a strategic thought partner for higher education leaders across the student lifecycle. She is passionate about client-facing work and utilizing her quantitative and qualitative skillset to meet her clients’ needs. Originally from Germany, she graduated from Justus Liebig University in Giessen with a Diplom degree (equivalent of an M.S.) in Social Sciences before she relocated to the United States.

Reva Levin

Reva Levin

Vice President of Digital Strategy

Reva has researched, implemented, and monitored hundreds of digital campaigns for higher ed and consumer brands. She has worked for some of the early pioneers in digital marketing: AOL, Yahoo!, and Monster before rejoining her Yahoo! colleagues at Chegg. Encoura acquired the Enrollment Services Division of Chegg in January 2017.