[Webinar on Demand] Sharpening Your Graduate Enrollment Strategy in the Wake Of COVID-19

Watch a timely and not-to-be-missed discussion of how research and digital media can sharpen your graduate enrollment strategy.

While there’s little doubt that COVID-19 has upended conventional postsecondary wisdom, there’s less clarity over what will happen in 2021. Amid these uncertainties, is your strategy for boosting graduate enrollment ready and in place?

This webinar features the most recent data from Eduventures on prospective adult learners’ attitudes towards graduate enrollment, coupled with a deep dive into how ACT | NRCCUA’s Digital Solutions converts these research insights into effective and impactful enrollment campaigns.


Howard Lurie is the Eduventures Principal Analyst for Online and Continuing Education at ACT | NRCCUA. He designs and directs research studies investigating the adult learner market, competency-based education, alternative credentials, and Online Program Management (OPM) services. He provides advisory services to a broad range of Eduventures clients, including higher education institutions and technology companies. He co-authored Eduventures’ report Deconstructing CBE: An Assessment of Institutional Activity, Goals and Challenges in Higher Ed.
Reva Levin is VP, Digital Strategy at ACT | NRCCUA. She has researched, implemented, and monitored hundreds of digital campaigns for higher ed and consumer brands. She has worked for some of the early pioneers in digital marketing: AOL, Yahoo!, and Monster before rejoining her Yahoo! colleagues at Chegg. NRCCUA acquired the Enrollment Services Division of Chegg in January 2017.
Alissa Fleming is a Senior Digital Account Manager at ACT | NRCCUA. She started her career in Search Engine Marketing at Yahoo! managing both Bing & Yahoo SERPs. Her role quickly expanded to a universal role managing all forms of Digital Marketing across a wide variety of industries including Education, Retail, Travel and more. Alissa has over 8 years of experience managing Digital Marketing strategy at Yahoo/Oath/Verizon Media which included digital products such as Search Engine Marketing, Connected TV, Programmatic Audio, Video, Native, and Display. Joining the ACT | NRCCUA Digital Solutions team in March of 2020, Alissa been instrumental in the success of our 150+ partner campaigns.