The Power of the Omnichannel Approach for Driving Alumni Giving

As we kick off a new semester, it’s a great time to remember one of your most important stakeholders: alumni. What new strategies do you have for this upcoming semester to engage with your alumni in a refreshing and personal way that reminds them of their pride for your institution and helps you increase alumni giving?

In this webinar, VP of Encoura Digital Solutions Reva Levin and Director Lyndenise Berdecía share why an omnichannel approach is the most effective way to connect with alumni and drive genuine alumni giving. They also describe how and when to implement this approach in order to help any institution have a more successful giving season.

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Reva Levin

Reva Levin

Vice President of Digital Strategy

Reva has researched, implemented, and monitored hundreds of digital campaigns for higher ed and consumer brands. She has worked for some of the early pioneers in digital marketing: AOL, Yahoo!, and Monster before rejoining her Yahoo! colleagues at Chegg. Encoura acquired the Enrollment Services Division of Chegg in January 2017.

Lyndenise Berdecía

Lyndenise Berdecía

Regional Digital Director

Lyndenise (she/her/ella) is the Regional Director of Digital Strategy at Encoura. She has over 15 years of experience in creative strategy, digital marketing, and higher education. Currently supporting colleges and universities throughout the Southeast, Lyndenise has successfully customized strategy plans in support of institution-specific enrollment goals. Based in Miami, Lyndenise is a proud graduate of NC State University (BS) and the University of Miami (MA).