OPM Impact: Analysis of Online Enrollment Trends at Schools that Work (or Do Not Work) with OPMs

How can we best measure Online Program Management (OPM) impact?

OPMs partner with a growing array of colleges and universities to run online degree and other programs. OPMs are big business: some 40 companies manage over 2,000 programs. OPMs have their advocates and detractors, and the industry continues to evolve, but good quality data on OPM impact is hard to find. This makes it particularly challenging for higher education leaders to make informed decisions about whether to work with an OPM.

This presentation, based on a unique OPM partnership database maintained by Eduventures and LISTedTECH, offers an independent take OPM impact and significance, and addresses key questions:

  • What sort of enrollment lift is associated with an OPM partnership? When does lift justify revenue share or other costs?
  • Which kinds of schools do and do not work with OPMs?
  • Is the OPM contribution to online higher education peaking or just getting started?

In this webinar, we hear from Richard Garrett, Eduventures Chief Research Officer, OPM veteran Scott Levine (co-author of a recent Eduventures report on OPMs), and Chris Gardiner, a new Senior Analyst at Eduventures with 10+ years in the OPM industry.

The webinar also previews Eduventures’ forthcoming report on OPMs, online learning, and field of study.

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Richard Garrett

Richard Garrett

Eduventures Chief Research Officer

Richard has 20+ years of experience researching higher education trends worldwide, particularly online learning, non-traditional students, internationalization, and commercial activity.

Scott Levine

Scott Levine

Senior Fellow and OPM Expert

Scott is an OPM expert and veteran, and co-author of the Eduventures Industry Guide to Online Program Management 2022: The Evolving Market. He brings 25 years of higher education experience with a focus on business development, marketing, writing/editing, and operations.

Chris Gardiner

Chris Gardiner

Eduventures Senior Analyst

Chris has extensive experience supporting institution’s online and adult programs having worked for multiple OPMs. He has consulted with institutions on market research, delivery, and design of online/hybrid programs and has led online enrollment and student support teams.