WEBINAR ON DEMAND: Making the Class Series

How to Optimize Your Graduate Recruitment Strategy with Intent-Based Marketing

Driving prospective graduate students to your institution’s website is a critical element in a successful graduate recruitment strategy. Leveraging the power of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can help identify and attract prospective graduate students, while also building brand awareness and maximizing your potential reach. Is your digital strategy for boosting graduate enrollment ready and in place?

In this webinar, we discuss three intent-based strategies proven to drive graduate recruitment. You’ll learn:

  • How to build a smart and responsive SEM strategy for your institution and master the art of building a keyword strategy, taking Alexa and Siri into consideration
  • How to protect and extend your investment in SEM with Keyword Remarketing
  • How to leverage YouTube’s rich, interest-based filters to find adult learners actively searching for programs

This session will be led by Reva Levin, Vice President, Digital Strategy at ACT | NRCCUA and Jason Stevens, Regional Director, Digital at ACT | NRCCUA.‎

Eduventures Principal Analyst Kim Reid

Reva Levin

Reva Levin is VP, Digital Strategy at ACT | NRCCUA. She has researched, implemented, and monitored hundreds of digital campaigns for higher ed and consumer brands. She has worked for some of the early pioneers in digital marketing: AOL, Yahoo!, and Monster before rejoining her Yahoo! colleagues at Chegg. NRCCUA acquired the Enrollment Services Division of Chegg in January 2017.

Jason Stevens

Jason Stevens

Jason Stevens is Regional Director, Digital at ACT | NRCCUA.‎