The Changing Landscape of Online Education (CHLOE) 2018: A Deeper Dive

The Changing Landscape of Online Education (CHLOE) 2018: A Deeper Dive

The second edition of a joint initiative between Eduventures Research and Quality Matters,CHLOE 2: A Deeper Dive continues the ongoing effort to survey chief online officers at U.S. colleges and universities about online learning policies, practices, and plans. The 2018 edition covers many of the same topics as the inaugural report but employs follow-up questions to delve into more detail.

Download and share the full CHLOE 2 report to see survey results and how institutions similar to yours compare. Highlights from the 57-page study include:

  • The presence of ID support in course design is consistent with a higher degree of reported student-to-student interaction — one of the most widely accepted best practices in effective online learning.
  • Fully online programs are the most likely to emphasize student-to-student interaction online, suggesting that such programs work harder to stimulate student interaction to compensate for the complete absence of classroom contact.
  • CHLOE 2 data on interest in adopting new technology suggest that learning analytics is the only currently non-mainstream technology destined for truly mainstream adoption in the near future.

This report is available to the online learning community through the partnership of QM and Eduventures and the support of platinum sponsor iDesign and gold sponsor ExtensionEngine.

The CHLOE 3 Survey, which will focus on issues such as governance of online programs, blended learning and the influence of subject matter on the design and delivery of online programs, will be administered soon. If you are a Chief Online Officer and wish to participate in the next CHLOE Survey, or if you wish to nominate the COO at your institution, please contact Eduventures Research Senior Quantitative Analyst Mughees Khan.

Download CHLOE 2018: A Deeper Dive


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