[Webinar on Demand] Balancing Life, Work, and School: New Data from The 2019 Adult Prospect Survey

Adult learners are anything but monolithic. A complex web of economic conditions, demographics, prior educational experiences, and the demands of family and work shape students’ perceptions and attitudes toward their education. This reality leads to two important questions:

  • How do prospective adult learners make decisions regarding their educational futures?
  • How can institutions and service providers better understand and anticipate the behaviors of prospective adult learners?

Eduventures® Principal Analyst Howard Lurie will explore the latest results from the 2019 Adult Prospect Survey™, which is based on a nationally representative sample. Eduventures will be publishing a series of detailed reports further exploring this data and its implications for schools and vendors.

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Howard Lurie is the Eduventures Principal Analyst for Online and Continuing Education at ACT | NRCCUA. He designs and directs research studies investigating the adult learner market, competency-based education, alternative credentials, and Online Program Management (OPM) services. He provides advisory services to a broad range of Eduventures clients, including higher education institutions and technology companies. He co-authored Eduventures’ report Deconstructing CBE: An Assessment of Institutional Activity, Goals and Challenges in Higher Ed.

Previously, Howard served as Managing Director for Academic Partnerships at Acrobatiq, where he led efforts to secure new partnerships, grants, and business opportunities. Howard has also served as a Vice President for External Affairs at edX, and was a founder and Managing Director of PBS LearningMedia. Howard was trained as an historian and taught at both secondary and postsecondary schools. Howard holds degrees from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and Teachers’ College, Columbia University.

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