5 Enrollment Trends to Inform Your Institution’s Messaging & Recruitment

Understanding enrollment trends can inform your institution’s messaging and recruitment.

Knowing why students enrolled in one institution versus why other students enrolled at competing institutions provides valuable insights to drive institutions’ recruiting and marketing strategies. This year’s Eduventures® Admitted Student Research™ reveals specific ways that those enrollment decisions have been affected by the pandemic and key trends that every college and university can use to inform their recruitment, yield, and institutional identity.

This webinar will explore what the research shows about enrollment trends such as the changing enrollment landscape and how the pandemic has shifted student enrollment behaviors. It will address:

  • What type of institutions are students enrolling at – who are the winners and who is missing out on students?
  • Are students willing to travel farther to attend school again?
  • Has the pandemic impacted student interest in specific academic programs?
  • Which attributes do students associate with their enrollment schools, and has that changed?

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Johanna Trovato

Johanna Trovato

Eduventures Principal Analyst

Johanna serves as a strategic thought partner for higher education leaders across the student lifecycle. She is passionate about client-facing work and utilizing her quantitative and qualitative skillset to meet her clients’ needs. Originally from Germany, she graduated from Justus Liebig University in Giessen with a Diplom degree (equivalent of an M.S.) in Social Sciences before she relocated to the United States.