2019 Online Higher Education Market Update

Online learning is mainstream in U.S. higher education. Over two million undergraduates, about 15% of the total, now study fully online along with over a million graduate students. At the graduate level, online penetration is now at 30%. Online enrollment continues to grow at a time when higher education student numbers overall are in decline. Almost two thousand colleges and universities currently enroll fully online students.

Now that online higher education is a firm part of the landscape—and big business—institutional leaders face a number of important questions:

  • Will online enrollment continue to grow?
  • Which credentials, programs, and types of online learning have momentum?
  • How is online programming impacting student access, cost, and outcomes?

This webinar will discuss highlights from the new Eduventures report, reflecting on competition, regulation, and innovation in this dynamic market.

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Richard Garrett

Richard Garrett

Eduventures Chief Research Officer

Richard has 20+ years of experience researching higher education trends worldwide, particularly online learning, non-traditional students, internationalization, and commercial activity.