Eduventures 2018 Student Success Ratings Report

The Eduventures 2018 Student Success Ratings offer an excellent starting point for institutional self-management on student success. By identifying best practice examples, the Report can help institutions find their own way.

Efforts to improve student success involve almost every constituent on campus and are among the most complex endeavors an institution can make. Institutions of different sizes with different student bodies and different missions must find contextually appropriate approaches. Even then, changing the institutional culture, prioritizing a new strategy, and executing targeted programs is challenging.

Join us on the Student Success Ratings webinar to learn:

  • Insight into the methodology used to create the ratings system
  • Which colleges and universities are beating the student success odds and why
  • How institutions can use the ratings to examine their own student success efforts

Visit Eduventures 2018 Student Success Ratings to explore for yourself.


Kim Reid

Kim Reid

Eduventures Principal Analyst

Kim brings a wealth of advanced analytical capability in market research, assessment, and program evaluation to her work, and combines evidence and expertise to help clients make strategic decisions that shape the future of their institutions. She has over 20 years of experience in research and consulting in education. Most recently, Kim served as Vice President of Research Operations at Maguire Associates, a research-based consulting firm focused on enrollment management, where she created new lines of business in brand analytics specific to higher education, pricing and value, and strategic academic program management.

Kim graduated with a B.A. in philosophy from Duke University, holds an M.S. from the New House School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, and completed Ph. D. coursework in communications at Indiana University, Bloomington.