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Better Understand Your Competition, Your Institution, and Your Students.

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Competitor Insights

Understand your true competitors for specific students in specific markets.

Identify New Markets

  • Develop a strategic plan by combining recent demand trends for a specific academic program in locations where your school has the most visibility.
  • View detailed information on competitors in specific markets.

Assess Competition for Specific Students

  • Pinpoint exactly how your enrollment compares to every other school in the country.
  • Gain deeper insight into who your real competitors are for specific students and identify opportunities for growth.

Competitive Benchmarking

  • Compare your institution’s funnel performance to competitors.
  • Narrow down from hundreds of other institutions to focus on institutions of similar size, type, or location.

Institution Insights

Visualize your recruitment strategies, current funnel, and year-over-year national benchmarks to understand your institution’s performance and market visibility.

Strategic Planning

  • Know exactly where your institution has student interest in a specific program within a specific demographic.
  • Plan where you’ll invest in marketing and travel for the best results.

Funnel Performance

  • Clearly visualize how your institution is progressing toward funnel goals by student type and how your class is shaping year over year.
  • Engage with our technology that features goal tracking, report sharing, and 34 new and customizable filters.

Territory Management

  • Equip your entire recruitment team with solid intelligence before they hit the road.
  • Quickly view detailed data on your enrollment performance, demand, and competition for each high school you visit.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

“Since we began our partnership with Encoura we have been able to continue to grow a diverse and academically strong class. I believe this comes from the the use of the Encoura Platform, Eduventures Research and the strong partnership we have with our Enrollment Consultant.”

Emily Ross, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management

Consultative Insights

Trust a partner who’s an extension of your team and has first-hand experience and insights in enrollment.

Consultative Insights

Maximize Your Team's Insights

Make the most out of Strategic Insights through an Enrollment Services Team committed to helping you sync the data you need.

Make Student Connections With Expertise

Receive guidance and expertise when it comes to acquiring prospective student data and using the SMART+® model, including when working with other vendors that you might also partner with.

Assess Your Strategy Regularly

Meet regularly with enrollment experts to get ahead of any opportunities and challenges in your recruitment plan. Receive monthly strategy notes, as well as annual ROI and goal tracking reports, to refine your enrollment strategy year-over-year.

Unlimited Student Insights

With the largest combination of ACT®, Encoura, and National Student Clearinghouse® data, gain the most comprehensive insights into your prospective students.

Complete Your Student Information

  • Get missing info on prospective students and inquiries currently in your funnel.
  • Reach them earlier in your recruiting process and segment your messaging based on their motivations and preferences.

Connect with Affiliated Students

  • Identify students who are already connected with your institution through alumni, faculty, staff, and current students.
  • Build on your existing foundation of familiarity and connectedness with your school.

Engage Your Top Performing Students

  • Connect with students who have already expressed interest in your institution.
  • Engage with those who are 6x more likely to enroll.
1.14Mdeclared records
6xhigher inquiry-to-enroll
2xhigher admitted-to-enroll