Get insights into the attitudes and preferences of prospective adult learners – a growing and increasingly diverse student population….

Eduventures Research 2019 Adult Prospect Research Survey provides new insights into how adult learners understand their options for continuing their formal educations. The primary goal of this study is to more precisely understand the motivations, attitudes, and behaviors that impact how prospective adult learners make decisions about their educations.

It is widely acknowledged that most adult learners value affordability and flexibility: they are highly conscious of price and value, but want programs that will fit their schedules. This characterization, however, is insufficient to fully understand and predict how adult learners will
perform in school.

Adult learners are anything but monolithic. A complex web of economic conditions, demographics, prior educational experiences, and the demands of family and work shape students’ perceptions and attitudes toward school. Eduventures’ Adult Prospect Research Survey acknowledges this complexity and sheds new light on the range and variety of behaviors and preferences among adult learners.

The Adult Prospect Research Survey is uniquely positioned to help you:
  • Understand your local or regional audience of prospective adult learners compared to a national sample
  • Identify the best-fit students within your current pipeline
  • Use behavioral and attitudinal mindsets to adjust your messaging and target the right market
  • Respond to perceptions about pricing, modality, student services, and more

Ten Behavioral and Attitudinal Mindsets

The Adult Prospect Survey…

  • Defines 10 behavioral and attitudinal Mindsets based on 3 program levels.
  • Is one of three Eduventures surveys of adult learners to complement research of first-time full-time students.
  • Vets survey respondents to include only those adults who have an interest in returning to school within the next three years.
  • Includes topics such as, current career, education plans, academic area of interest, school selection process, school financing, and pricing.
  • Focuses on the differences among adults seeking certificate/non-credit, undergraduate, and graduate degrees.

How to Participate in the Adult Prospect Research Survey

Eduventures Research will design, host, and analyze an online survey of prospective adult learners. There are two options for participation:

  • Provide your prospective student list – The benefits of providing your own student inquiry list includes: understanding the quality of your leads and inquiries, targeting new markets, obtaining data on out-of-state inquiries, and others. We recommend that your list consist of a minimum of 10,000 unique names to yield a sample size suitable for analysis.
  • No list? No problem! For those without existing prospective student lists, we can obtain one for you. We will work with our panel provider to create a sample of qualified adults within a geographic area surrounding your institution. A regional sample can be procured either for a low additional cost or bundled into your subscription.

Participate in the Adult Prospect Research™ Survey