ACT Score Reports are Now Delivered in Encoura!

Encoura® has evolved to better support the growing needs of students, institutions, and families as the higher education landscape continues to change. We’ve updated the ACT College Score Reporting Service to be more flexible and efficient by delivering ACT Score Reports electronically via the Encoura platform – higher ed’s app-based platform for enrolling your best fit students. Now you can,

  • Provide access to as many teammates as needed
  • Access score reports files on-demand for up to 12 months
  • Set email notifications to alert you when new score reports have arrived
  • Automatically download new score reports with the Encoura API
  • Coming Soon: Help students find their scores and complete applications with Score Search!

Participating institutions, scholarships, and talent placement organizations can access the ACT College Score Reporting Service in Encoura at no cost. Complete the form to request your login credentials today!

To expedite your request, please look up your ACT College Code and include it in your request.


Review these FAQs for answers specific to the ACT Score Reports.

When were ACT Score Reports made available Encoura?

The College Score Reporting service began transitioning to the Encoura platform in Fall 2019. Organizations were transitioned in stages according to how they received score reports (Paper, CD-ROM, and/or AIRO). 

Transition Schedule:
AIRO – November  22, 2019
CD-ROM by Mail –  January 2020
Printed Reports by Mail – February 2020

How do I request access to Encoura for ACT Score Reports?

Requesting access is easy! Fill in the form above, and our team will reach out to confirm a few details. Once confirmed, you will be sent an activation email with a link to set your username and password.


Do institutions already using Encoura need to request access?

No! You may simply request for a member of our team to update your permission settings to allow you to download the files.

If the person responsible for handling ACT Score Reports at a member institution does not have an Encoura Data Lab account, an account administrator at the institution can create a new account and grant permission to download ACT Score Reports via the administration panel. Account administrators may grant the permission to as many users as needed. 


How do I download ACT Score Reports from Encoura?

A training webinar and other documentation to prepare your organization can be found in the Encoura Help Center. You can download score reports from our Data Center app as ASCII, .TXT, or printable PDF files as they are sent by students – up to 3 times each week. In the near future, you will also have the option to download score reports as an even-easier-to-use .CSV file!

What is the cost of the Encoura platform to access ACT Score Reports?

Participating organizations are able to access the ACT College Score Reporting Service in Encoura Data Lab at no cost! The set up and additional delivery fees will also no longer be required. 

Otherwise, access to Encoura Data Lab and the apps within it is an exclusive benefit to ACT | NRCCUA Members. Questions about membership can be directed to a Regional Director in your area. Please contact us at if you are unacquainted with your Regional Director, and we’ll connect you!


Will there be changes to the file layout?

Minor updates were made to the 2019-2020 Score Report file layout unrelated to transitioning the service into Encoura. Details on these updates are available in the Encoura Help Center

There will be additional changes to the file layout to accommodate the new ACT test options for students beginning with the September national test date. A preview of the new file layout including the new .CSV option will be announced April 2020!

How will an institution be notified when new ACT Score Reports are available?

You will have the option to receive email notifications when new Score Reports are available. Notifications will be delivered based on the settings established in your account menu. New ACT Score Reports will continue to be available three times per week as they are in AIRO today. You will no longer need to download Score Reports cycle-by-cycle to avoid missing access to reports. In Encoura, you will now be able to download single reports or group multiple reports together instantly without waiting days for delivery!

Can we automate downloading ACT Score Reports?

You sure can! Encoura features an Application Programming Interface (API) that facilitates automated data delivery. Documentation for the API, including sample scripts, can be requested from our once you have received an activation email and set your login credentials. 

My institution receive scores for multiple locations. Will that continue in Encoura?

Yes, institution systems receiving schools as part of a reporting group will continue to receive score reports sent to all of your locations in Encoura. We can also set up a reporting group if your institution would like all ACT Score Reports for your campuses routed to a single location. 

We don't consider test scores for admission. How would ACT Score Reports be useful to us?

As part of our efforts to support student on their path to college and career success, ACT allows each student sitting for the test to send an official copy of their score report to up to 5 institutions at no cost. The reports are sent directly to you from students who are familiar with your “institutional identity” and interested in your college, scholarship, and talent placement opportunities. The information in these reports can be used to complete applications, complete profile information, and shed light on educational attainment when awarding scholarships or military appointments. 

Who can I reach out to if I still have questions?

Questions can be directed to your dedicated Regional Director or submitted online. Our Enrollment Outreach Manager will ensure the question is routed to the appropriate team member for the best response.

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