Understand Why Students Chose – or Did Not Choose – to Enroll at Your School 

Eduventures® Admitted Student Research (ASR) provides a comparison of enrolling and non-enrolling students to understand their decision-making factors. Through the analysis, institutions can expect to gain a deeper understanding of their brand perception and students’ expectations to drive strategic marketing and recruiting strategies for the upcoming year. Participating in ASR, offers an opportunity to:

  • Understand how students view your school vs. competing institutions or non-competing peers
  • Make data-driven decisions to improve programming, communication, and financial aid
  • Tailor your recruitment and yield strategies to emphasize what matters to students
  • Understand how marketing and recruiting tactics impact student decisions

Deliverables include:

  • Initial frequency report of your institution’s responses
  • Tailored analysis to inform your institution’s yield and marketing communications strategy
  • Facilitated discussion for you and your enrollment management team to understand the marketing, recruiting, and student experience implications of your results

Survey Methodology: Eduventures designs, hosts, and analyzes an online survey of admitted students on behalf of our members.

Participate in Admitted Student Research