Save the Date for Eduventures® Summit 2019

JUNE 5-7, 2019
Intercontinental Boston Waterfront Hotel
Boston, MA

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Higher Ed Remastered 2018:
Same Theme, New Urgency

What has changed?

For the past 40 years, higher education had its fair share of controversies but almost everyone agreed on the fundamentals. A college degree was integral to the modern American Dream—the ticket to opportunity, upward social mobility, and a more equitable society. Higher education fostered universal civic values and stood apart from partisan politics. Expanding access to higher education was a widely shared goal.

A demand for accountability is in place for all schools that benefit from federal student aid, which would examine graduate outcomes, earnings, and debt repayment program-by-program. Postsecondary education is championed but sub-degree credentials, unaccredited training providers, and apprenticeships are in favor. Nothing is decided, but the direction is clear. In recent decades, higher education has been about fine-tuning the system, not a battle of ideas. Today, the call for a smaller government challenges public spending, and private wrestles public good.

Eduventures Summit 2019 is an opportunity to continue the debate and to ask tough questions:

  • Who should enroll in higher education, when, and why?
  • How can fit between student and school be strengthened, and the student experience be enhanced and made inclusive?
  • Is the bachelor’s degree too long and expensive to play the starring role?
  • For non-traditional students, does higher education too often over-promise and under-deliver?
  • How can leaders do more to scale up quality and effective practices?
  • Should schools and companies work harder to ensure technology and data improve quality and lowers cost?

Higher education, corporate, and government leaders must debate these questions honestly and vigorously if the sector and the country are to emerge strengthened and not diminished.

Eduventures is not here to take sides. Our job is to weigh the evidence, add context, and analyze the implications; to draw on a quarter century of experience helping hundreds of schools better understand new circumstances and rise to new challenges.

The flow of the narrative and the diverse, but threaded topics, were incredibly effective and thought-provoking.

The EdTalks were a great addition….particularly with the focus on the student experience.

The quality of speakers and data/research presented was fantastic.


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