Do You Connect with Alumni Where They Spend Most of Their Time?

Most Americans spend an average of 1,300 hours online per year. Leverage the latest digital marketing platforms to reach alumni where they spend their time and increase giving.

Increase Engagement, Reach, and Average Gift Size

Partner with the Encoura Digital Solutions team to expand your reach with donors and increase giving.
Speed to market

Custom Audience Targeting

Imagine being using your donor database to target giving asks to each individual’s personal social accounts (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and more).


Imagine being able to advertise to alumni when they’re at H&R Block—remind them to earmark some of their tax return dollars for your giving campaign.


Imagine being able to reach and engage new donors efficiently because the people you’re targeting think and act like your current donors.


Imagine being able to go from planning to receiving your first gifts in less than 10 days.

Greater Engagement Leads to Greater Giving


Large Public University

Campaign Goal

Increase alumni giving


To determine the effectiveness of digital marketing to alumni, one large public university communicated with a traditional postcard and phone call to half of their alumni list. Encoura Digital Solutions worked with them to connect with the the other half of the list through email and personal social media ads.


Postcard & Phone Call

Average Gift

Email & Custom Audience Targeting Ads

Average Gift


additional funds raised with Encoura partnership

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