The University of Tulsa

Ahead of the Competition

The Challenge

As the smallest Division I football school in the country, The University of Tulsa truly can say they are a small school with great opportunities. The university’s Dean of Admission and Director of Admission Data started out the year with 2 goals: build their brand awareness and get to know students earlier in the recruiting process. Fortunately, they knew that with the help of strategic partners and latest higher education technology they could accomplish both of these goals, bringing in students who are a great fit for their institution.


  • Market Analysis + Enrollment Funnel Analysis
  • Student Search + Predictive Modeling
  • Eduventures Student Mindsets Segmentation + Messaging
  • Admissions Team Training + Reporting

The Strategy

  • Strategy
    Market Analysis
  • Strategy
    Enrollment Funnel Analysis
  • Strategy
    Location Analysis
  • Research
    Eduventures® Student Mindsets™
  • Student Search
    Smart+TM Predictive Modeling
  • Student Search
    Declared Student Connection & Affinity Connection Program
  • Competitive Benchmarking
    Competition Analysis
  • Reporting
    Travel Planning
  • Training
    Hands-On Admission Counselor Training

The University of Tulsa (TU) reached out to their trusted partner Encoura to develop a winning strategy for the year that would enable them to engage students most likely to enroll earlier in the recruitment cycle. Using Market Analysis, the latest technology from Encoura, the admission team was able to gain detailed information on their student markets, pinpoint students who were ready to engage with TU, and set their counselors up for success ahead of travel season. By focusing on the right students at the right time, The University of Tulsa was able to use Market Analysis to not only save time and resources, but also to plan ahead for the best student messaging and campus events in order to hit their enrollment goals.

The Results

High-quality students from Affinity & Declared programs

Positive response rates for Affinity students

Competition Analysis to equip their marketing team to best position themselves against competing institutions

Report sharing to generate data most important to counselor travel

Great environment for collaboration with reports at team meetings, one-on-ones, or strategy sessions across campus

With their new strategy in place, The University of Tulsa team was able to connect with high-quality students and better their engagement with Encoura’s Affinity Connection and Declared Student programs to increase connections earlier in their recruitment cycle. As they look toward the rest of the year, the university is excited to continue planning and strengthening its recruiting efforts with Market Analysis. The admission team is confident that with this expanded collaboration, they are set up for success with counselors who are confident during travel, a marketing team that is best positioned to promote their brand against competing institutions, and market knowledge to attract their best-fit students from primary and secondary markets.

This partnership with Encoura has really benefited us. The last couple of years have been tough on most schools, but the information we get–and the quality of the students we get from the Encoura programs–have a much higher propensity to engage and yield.

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