Quinnipiac University

Setting Its Sights on New Markets

The Challenge

After a successful first year partnering with Encoura for recruitment, the Dean of Admissions at Quinnipiac University looked forward to finding and engaging new markets for the upcoming season. Located in the New England region, Quinnipiac faces many competing institutions and a looming future of declining high school graduation numbers. The admissions team knew that a winning strategy would involve incorporating consistently reliable tools, as well as their newest technology resource–Market Analysis from Encoura–to ensure that the university continued to enroll strong classes each year.



  • Market Analysis + Enrollment Funnel Analysis + Strategic Recruiting Travel
  • Student Search + Predictive Modeling
  • Institutional Visibility + Competitor Analysis + Marketing Strategy


The Strategy

  • Strategy
    Enrollment Funnel Analysis
  • Strategy
    Market Analysis
  • Student Search
    Smart+® Predictive Modeling
  • Consulting
    Search Performance, Search Recommendations, and Market Opportunities
  • Competition
    Competitive Analysis
  • Competition
    Institutional Visibility

Encoura’s predictive model and funnel analysis tools had already proven successful toward Quinnipiac’s strong funnel position over the past several years. To engage with prospective students in new markets, the dean of admissions was excited to utilize Market Analysis’ in-depth reports and visualizations to strategically confirm which markets would have the best return on investment. Before committing valuable resources, Market Analysis equipped her to analyze both student interest and true competitor presence. She planned to use this new technology to understand the market at a state level, as well as drill down to the high school level, to put the university’s admissions and marketing teams in the best position to generate new applications and achieve their enrollment goals.

The Results

Pinpointed strategic new market opportunities

Identified true competitors and comparative institutional visibility

Equipped marketing team with messaging to set themselves apart from competing institutions

Assured stakeholders of strong ROI for travel, mailings, etc.

Quinnipiac University and Encoura’s partnership has equipped the institution with trustworthy data, reliable enrollment prediction scores, and funnel insights to provide a solid understanding of the institution’s strengths in the market and prime opportunities for growth. Through Encoura’s Market Analysis, Institutional Visibility, and Competitor Analysis features, Quinnipiac has successfully pinpointed the best new markets to engage in order to convert areas of limited visibility into strong student interest markets. Additionally, the university’s marketing team’s new, unique competitor insight enables them to craft affordability and value messaging for prospective students that strategically sets their institution apart from its top competitors. With such a strong understanding of its market, visibility, and competitors, Quinnipiac knows that it is set up for success to penetrate new markets, engage its best students, and hit its enrollment goals for the upcoming year.

[Market Analysis] gives me an opportunity to confirm that the new markets I’m investing into for travel, mailings, etc. are worth it. We’re able to open markets strategically to assure stakeholders that there will be a return on our investment.

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