Louisiana State University Shreveport

Empowering Students Digitally

The Challenge

The enrollment team at Louisiana State University Shreveport (LSUS) had a unique recruitment strategy prepared for the year. Rather than focusing on moving students through each stage of the enrollment funnel, the LSUS team’s plan involved empowering students and their families with information to map their dream careers with a clear path to achieve those goals at LSUS. Additionally, they aimed to expand to new markets to advertise their programs and differentiate their brand, even with a smaller team of recruiters. The enrollment team knew that reaching students and families successfully required the right timing and the right channels–along with the right message–to effectively share their story as an institution in a way that would assure prospective students they belonged.


  • Digital Solutions + New Program Recruiting (Cybersecurity)
  • Digital Family Engagement + Family Support Resources (Majors, Careers, & Aid)
  • Market Analysis + Student Segment (Minority Students) Research
  • Digital Solutions Consulting + Reporting + DEI Advising
  • Enrollment Funnel Analysis

The Strategy

  • Strategy
    Market Analysis
  • Strategy
    Enrollment Funnel Analysis
  • Consulting
    DEI-Focused Outreach & Support
  • Digital
  • Digital
    Keyword Retargeting
  • Digital
    Residential Targeting
  • Messaging
    University Pathways to Careers
  • Reporting
    Campaign Performance & Recommendations

LSU Shreveport partnered with Encoura to execute a digital strategy that would promote brand recognition and generate applications in new markets. While staying aligned with their vision to empower prospective students by meeting them where they are, the university turned to Encoura to effectively provide market analysis, demographics knowledge, and digital solutions that would achieve their goals. In collaboration, Encoura Digital Solutions and LSUS boosted student engagement in targeted markets, strategically refocused recruiter efforts by student program interest, increased applications, and successfully launched an innovative career guidance campaign for students and families.

The Results

In first 6 months, new market applications increased 130%

109% increase in applications from minority students prior year; 10% increase in total application pool

Students excitedly approached recruiters in response to digital marketing

Focused recruiter travel to locations with highest program interest

Parents/Guardians informed in admitted students’ decisions

Surge in brand awareness in the more competitive areas of the state

Despite the high competition in the state, Louisiana State University Shreveport successfully implemented digital marketing solutions to meet students where they are in their college journeys and augment their university brand recognition and engagement. With a remarkable increase in new market applications–many from minority students–and an effective new recruitment travel strategy, LSUS is excited to soon meet its enrollment goals while empowering students. The university continues to partner closely with Encoura to digitally engage today’s college-bound students who often prefer information seeking online over in-person advising. With such strong success in new markets and great connections with students and their parents throughout the recruitment cycle, it’s clear to the LSUS team that colleges and universities need to be prioritizing digital marketing at the top of their communication strategies to reach today’s students most effectively.

What Encoura has done to help us increase our brand recognition across the state has been transformational. It is staggering to see the reach we have gained, particularly to see that students are engaging with our digital marketing in areas we have never reached before.

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