[Webinar on Demand] Remote Realities: CHLOE 5 Survey Results and the Latest Thinking from Online Leaders

The annual CHLOE (Changing Landscape of Online Education) survey chronicles the evolution of online policies and practices in U.S. higher education, from the perspective of Chief Online Officers (COOs). The fifth CHLOE survey captures leadership reflections on the pandemic-induced emergency remote instruction in the spring: what happened, what worked, and implications for fall. The CHLOE 5 report is published amid a coronavirus spike that is persuading many colleges and universities to re-think their fall re-opening plans.

This webinar will distill lessons from the spring and, in conversation with a panel of online leaders, gauge early fall realities. Online infrastructure, experience and leadership played a pivotal role in enabling schools to see through the last academic year, but many leaders have been quick to draw a distinction between hastily assembled “remote instruction” and true online learning. As fall 2020 gets underway, and schools face a yet stiffer test, online leaders are stepping up once again. Robust, engaging, high quality remote learning, by whatever name and whether or not combined with a socially distanced campus, will define this one-of-a-kind semester.


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Download the CHLOE 5 Report


Richard Garrett, Eduventures Chief Research Officer at ACT | NRCCUA. He has 20 years experience in higher education research, consulting and policy.


Dr. Bethany Simunich, Quality Matters’ Director of Research and Innovation. She has worked in higher education for nearly 20 years, with a focus on online learning the majority of that time.


Dr. Jill Buban, Vice President for Digital Strategy and Online Education, Fairfield University (former CAO at Unizin and Chief Research Officer at the Online Learning Consortium)


Dr. Arletha McSwain, HR Senior Training Specialist-Educational Technology, Title IX Coordinator, and Professor of Education, Bethune-Cookman University


Dr. Sasha Thackaberry, Vice President for Online and Continuing Education at Louisiana State University