Data from Eduventures® Survey of Admitted Students Reveals There’s No Downtime in the Admissions Cycle

Eduventures® Research conducts an annual survey called the Survey of Admitted Students, which polled over 90,000 students nationwide in 2017. The survey reveals a number of useful and fascinating data points, and well as guidance about giving students who are close to enrolling that extra nudge needed to see the opportunity before them. In short, the Survey of Admitted Students helps institutions understand the nature of important perception gaps so they can develop appropriate strategies for addressing these gaps in their communications designed to recruit traditional-aged students.

Another finding in this year’s survey reveals the timing and pace at which the bulk of students make their decision to enroll. Not surprisingly, the bulk of the enrollments occur in the spring, with April showing the highest numbers of decisions to enroll.

What might not be readily apparent is the significance of the aggregate number of those who decide where to enroll before the end of December. Per the chart below, nearly 30% of students make a decision about where to enroll prior to the close of the calendar year. That’s more than the number that make their enrollment decision in April, when we all expect those decisions to be made.

There’s No Downtime in the Admissions Cycle

In terms of what this means for most institutions, it generally means that communications plans and outreach need to ramp up significantly sooner than most currently do. That’s a daunting task, given typical budget and resource constraints and a what would likely be a disruption of the typical, annual communications cycle.

Best Practices for Maximizing Early Enrollment Decision Outreach

Don’t lose out on the chance to influence nearly a third of the students who will make an enrollment decision early in the game! Here are some practical tips that can help:

  • Refresh your student profile data to ensure you have the names of all prospective students with a high propensity to select your institution.
  • Shift your communications plans to something less cyclical and more continuous. Audience and messaging may change, but the outreach can never really go on vacation. To get to those early enrollment decision makers, outreach needs to start now!!
  • Review more data from Eduventures’ Survey of Admitted Students and the Prospective Student Survey ensure your messaging has the greatest chance of influencing students. A few suggested Wake-Up Call posts include:
  • Get cost-effective help with your plan and execution if needed. NRCCUA can offer Omnichannel Enrollment Services that include digital marketing, email, direct mail, phone services, and beyond.


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