Eduventures® 2019 Higher Education Technology Landscape (Landscape) visualizes over 300 vendors and their products, organized into over 40 separate market segments rolled up into four major categories aligned to the student lifecycle.

Throughout the year, we analyze these vendors and products and make that content available to clients. Several vendors have multiple products in their education technology portfolios. The Landscape image will also be featured in our full 2019 Landscape report later this year.

Online Program Management (OPM) Services Providers

Some of you may recall seeing OPMs listed in past versions of our Landscape. Based on ongoing research and market analysis, Eduventures will publish a new visualization of the OPM services marketplace. As providers of services, rather than technology products, vendors will be organized by business model, service type, and longevity in the marketplace.

An official report will accompany this new OPM Service Provider visualization later this year.

Download the 2019 Tech Landscape


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