Maximize Your Digital Marketing Reach

Maximize Your Digital Marketing Reach

Omnichannel Enrollment Services

Send the right message at the right time via the right channel.

Data Science Meets Omnichannel Engagement

Create the enrollment office of the future, today! Our Omnichannel Enrollment Services ensure that your campaigns are effective at identifying and engaging ideal prospective students. Through regular collaboration with our team, we’ll guide and measure your institution’s campaigns using a datacentric approach. Continuous, clear reporting on campaign performance will allow colleges and universities to identify the channel and messaging mix that is delivering the best results.

Benefit from Our Proven, Datacentric Approach

Connect with students in a timely fashion though a unique set of data-driven programs.


Define your strategy

Use the Enrollment Lens App in the Encoura platform to identify opportunities and areas for improvement.

Target appropriately

Leverage our data science, and specifically, our Smart+ Predictive Model, to assist in identifying the best prospects and inquiries based on funnel analysis.


Develop your skills

We’ll develop and empower your team to become enrollment data analysts through our 12-month training program.

Leverage our communication engine

No matter what channel mix you choose, be it digital or traditional or a combination of both, we’ll ensure your communications go to the right student at the right time.

Get real-time analytics

The Engagement Analytics App in the Encoura platform allows real-time insight so that messaging and tactics can be continuously improved throughout the campaign and into the future.


Enjoy a transparent partnership

The enrollment services team is made up of enrollment experts who will guide you to goal-focused execution of all campaigns.

More About Our Specialized Digital Services

Location-Based Mobile Advertising

A strategy that uses technology known as geofencing to identify the mobile devices within a specific geographic radius and serve targeted ads inside a network of more than 100K globally available mobile apps. Our fences are built to optimize performance by consistently evaluating campaign click-through rates and actions in real time.

The Process
  1. Partner with your regional director and digital marketing specialist to identify the appropriate locations to geofence. You can also use Enrollment Lens to identify your top feeder high schools.
  2. Our team will work with your web team to implement tracking codes, called pixels, on select pages across your website to aid in tracking a prospective student’s interactions with your online assets, such as your website, social media pages, and ads.
  3. Our team will design and build your ads.
  4. In addition to automated optimization, biweekly reports will be delivered to ensure consistent alignment of goals, messages, and performance.
Examples of Success
Informing fall travel with data insights
  • Tracked nearly 8,000 visitors from 70 high schools for 45 days.
  • Leveraged performance to prioritize target visit lists for recruiters.
Boost transfer enrollment in a snap
  • Focused impressions on 30 target community college campuses for 30 days.
  • Drove over 1,000 transfer conversions.
Breaking records for a large, downtown grad school
  • Drove 47 graduate open house registrations.
  • Drove 73 new inquiries in 35 days.

Custom Audience Targeting

A multi-channel, multi-network solution that allows you to focus your digital marketing specifically on your audience. Eliminate waste and support conversion across each phase of the recruiting process. Digital media dynamically adjusts and appears to your prospects depending on where they are and which device they are using, boosting engagement and results.

The Process
  1. Identify your student groups in the Encoura platform or in a consultation with your regional director.
  2. We’ll identify as many students as possible using multiple digital marketing channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, and beyond.
  3. Your sponsored content is then delivered based on the stage the prospective student is in.
  4. As an optional add-on, we can also custom build your landing pages and mobile presence to ensure the highest quality experience of your prospects—no matter which device they use.
Examples of Success
Breaking records for large downtown grad school
  • Drove 77 new requests for information in 55 days.
Boosting alumni giving
  • Targeted alumni gave at a rate of 150 percent greater than those reached through traditional channels.
Supporting conversion
  • Supported 10 percent year-over-year life in applications by reaching prospects on mobile, social, and desktop.
Boosting out-of-state recruitment without costly travel
    • Drove 1,300 additional postengagement visits to online applications during peak recruitment season.
    • Engagements came across mobile apps, social media, and desktop display ads.

A Dedicated Enrollment Services Team

Your enrollment services team is your data-driven execution team with deep industry knowledge and experience. You are empowered with information and analytics derived from the industry-unique process that blends your data and goals with those of the Encoura platform. As an extension of your team, we work with you to help you reach your goals while you remain in control.

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