Personalize Student Outreach with Eduventures Student Mindsets

Data from Encoura includes Student Mindset information. Use it to understand each student’s motivations for college and meaningfully personalize your communications.

Eduventures Student Mindsets Defined

Eduventures Research has identified six distinct Student Mindsets for Gen-Z—exposing each student’s primary motivations and expected outcomes for college.

When you know what a student wants most from their college experience, you can match your messaging to their desired academic, career, and experiential outcomes to improve your engagement.


Experiental Interest

Experiential Interest

These students desire a career and want to get hands on with internships and employment. They are also highly sensitive to affordability.

Social Focus

Social Focus

These students want to gain meaningful friendships (and a job would be nice too!). They want to engage in every connecting activity possible and the social environment is most critical to choice.

Career Through Academics

Career Through Academics

These students are looking for a long-term career and see strong academics integrated with career preparation as the path. They are level-headed decision-makers.

Career Pragmatists

Career Pragmatists

These students are looking for immediate ROI. They are highly sensitive to affordability and are looking for the job right away. They are not necessarily focused on career.

Exploration and Meaning

Exploration and Meaning

These students want to make an impact on the world and are wide open to liberal arts outcomes. They are global butterflies and could make an impassioned choice.

Grad School Bound

Grad School Bound

For these students, graduate or professional school is the goal. Scientific and technical skills and undergraduate research are key experiences, and academic quality and academic environment drive choice.


Recruit & Engage More Effectively with Student Mindsets

Easily Import Student Mindsets to Your CRM

Student Mindsets information is already included in data from Encoura. And as a Slate Preferred partner, we’ve made it easy to import. The power of Student Mindsets is free and easy to unlock.

Personalize Outreach & Cut Through the Noise

Students get so much college marketing that speaking to what they want quickly is essential. While your competitors are delivering generic messages, imagine segmenting a few of your emails to specifically answer “why should I apply?” in a meaningful way for each individual student.

With Student Mindsets, you can show career-focused students how you’ll help prepare them for the job market, while at the same time showing social-focused students the value of your campus community. The power is in the personalization.

Power Up Digital Advertising Throughout the Funnel

Beyond direct outreach, you can apply Student Mindsets to digital advertising to boost your results. Encoura’s partners who have implemented Student Mindsets into their advertising have seen 25% more engagement.

Encoura has helped colleges and universities leverage Student Mindsets across the full funnel. For example:

  • Branded video campaigns to create awareness
  • Event-based campaigns to grow campus visits
  • Direct messages to generate inquiries and applications
  • Custom messages to admits to boost yield and prevent melt

Encoura’s digital campaigns work with Slate Ping allowing you to connect students’ digital activities with their records in Slate.

Put the Data You Already Have to Use in Your CRM

Data from Encoura already includes Student Mindsets, so your team can get started immediately. It’s easy to integrate into your CRM, and we want to help you get started.

Schedule a quick conversation with us to ensure you aren’t wasting quality data that can help you achieve enrollment goals.