ACT Score Reports:
Why This New Login is Required 
& Frequently Asked Questions 

ACT | NRCCUA is changing our organization to better support the growing needs of institutions and students. This Fall, we are discontinuing the current methods of receiving ACT Score Reports, including the ACT Internet Reporting Option (AIRO) and direct mail of paper copies and CD-ROM. Score Reports will be delivered electronically via Encoura Data Lab, higher ed’s cloud-based technology for making informed enrollment management decisions.

To help us continue to provide this valuable service to students, please let us know who at your institution or organization should have access to Encoura Data Lab to receive these reports by filling in the form.

Updates and training opportunities will be shared with those who fill in the form over the coming weeks. If you have any questions about this transition, please feel free to refer to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below.  

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Review these FAQs for answers specific to the ACT Score Reports.

When will ACT Score Reports be available Encoura Data Lab?

Score Reports will begin transitioning to Encoura Data Lab in Fall 2019. Organizations will be transitioned in stages depending on how they currently receive score reports (Paper, CD-ROM, and/or AIRO). Until then, you will continue to receive Score Reports as you always have. 

Transition Schedule: 
AIRO – November  22, 2019
CD-ROM by Mail –  January 2020
Printed Reports by Mail – February 2020

Updates about this transition and training opportunities will be shared as they become available. 

Will the file layout change for ACT Score Reports?

Minor updates were made to the 2019-2020 Score Reports file layout in April unrelated to moving delivery inside Encoura Data Lab. Details on these updates are available in the 2019-20 College and University Student Record Layout documentation:  

ACT Score Report File Layout 2019-2020 (.PDF, Updated April 2019) 

Do I need to request a separate login to download ACT Score Reports if I already have an Encoura Data Lab login?

In accordance with data privacy best practices, a team member responsible for ACT Score Reports only needs to request permission to download the reports by completing the form. Once received, our team will activate the ability for that team member to download Score Reports. You will not require separate login credentials. 

If the person responsible for handling ACT Score Reports at a member institution does not have an Encoura Data Lab account, an account administrator at the institution can create a new account and grant permission to download ACT Score Reports  via the admin panel. Account administrators can grant permissions to as many users as needed. 


How will these services be delivered in Encoura Data Lab?
  • Retrieving Files – A new application, called Data Center, will be added to allow members to download Score Reports from Encoura Data Lab electronically. The new Data Center application will replace all other methods of delivering ACT Score Reports, including paper mail, CD-ROM, and ACT Internet Reporting Option (AIRO). The set up and additional delivery fees previously incurred by ACT Score Report recipients will no longer be required. Members will be able to download ACT Score Reports as ASCII/text files (same format as available today) and PDF initially. .CSV file formats will be available in the future. 
  • Delivery Cadence – Access to ACT Score Reports will be available on-demand via the new Data Center application three times per week. Notifications will be sent to you when new score reports are available to download. Your notification settings can be adjusted within Encoura Data Lab.

    *Please note: A PGP software license, required to access Score Reports in AIRO, will no longer be required.
How will an institution be notified when new ACT Score Reports are available?

You will have the option to receive email notifications when new Score Reports are available. Notifications will be delivered based on the settings established in your account menu. New ACT Score Reports will continue to be available three times per week as they are in AIRO today. You will no longer need to download Score Reports cycle-by-cycle to avoid missing access to reports. In Encoura Data Lab, you will now be able to download single reports or group multiple reports together instantly without waiting days for delivery!

What integration or automation capabilities will be available to download Score Reports?

Encoura Data Lab features an Application Programming Interface (API) that facilitates automated data delivery. Documentation for this API includes sample scripts in two languages (Python and Javascript). These scripts can be used as-is or modified to use in other programs. To request documentation, you must first request a user account using the form above.  

How will I receive my login credentials to access to Encoura Data Lab for ACT Score Reports?

Our team will use the information provided in the form to create your login credentials. You will be notified in advance in when this service is available for your organization and receive an email  when your account has been activated. 

Please note, organizations currently using AIRO will not be transferred automatically and should request access via the form.

Will organizations with ACT Group Codes still be able to pick up records for their locations or system in Encoura Data Lab?

Yes, if your scores are currently delivered as a part of a Group for centralized processing, they will continue to be delivered in the same manner using Encoura Data Lab. The resources managing your Group data should request access to Encoura Data Lab for this purpose.

What is the cost of Encoura Data Lab to access ACT Score Reports?

The ACT Score Reporting service will be available at no cost to institutions and organizations. The set up and additional delivery fees previously incurred by ACT Score Report recipients will no longer be required. 

Otherwise, access to Encoura Data Lab, and the apps within it, is exclusive to ACT | NRCCUA Members and Eduventures Research & Advisory members. Questions about membership or subscriptions to paid apps should be directed to the appropriate Regional Director. If you are unsure who that might be, please forward inquiries to


We receive scores in multiple methods, when will we transition?

If you receive scores via AIRO or CD-ROM but also Paper, the paper score reports will continue to be delivered until early 2020.

How long do I have to download a Score Report before I lose access to the file?

The time to download Score Reports was limiting in AIRO. With Encoura Data Lab, you will have access to download reports for up to 12 months.

My school doesn’t consider test scores for admission. How would ACT Score Reports be useful to us?

ACT Score Reports are sent to you directly from students as a way to express interest in your institution or organization. These students are more likely to apply for your educational opportunities and would be great contacts to connect with your recruiting or advising team members. 

Who can I reach out to if I still have questions?

Questions can be directed to your dedicated Regional Director or submitted at Our Enrollment Outreach Manager will ensure the question is routed to the appropriate team member for the best response.

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