Know Your Family Audience

Creating a successful outreach strategy for parents/guardians requires an understanding of their involvement in their student’s college search process.

Eduventures’ Prospective Parent Research™ provides insight into the preferences and expectations of parents/guardians of college-bound high schoolers, equipping institutions to shape their communications to best address what’s on the minds of these parents/guardians.

  • Parent/Guardian mindsets: Do parents/guardians see the same pathways through college as students do?
  • Parents’/Guardians’ roles in college search: How hands-off or hands-on are parents/guardians in preferences and choices about schools, careers, majors, etc.?
  • College costs: Are the price sensitivities of parents/guardians and students aligned?
  • Value perception of college. Do parents/guardians see value in a college education? What do they want their children to derive from their college educations?

Connect Directly with Families Now

Parents/Guardians want to connect directly to you: 96% of parents/guardians prefer to hear from colleges, many as early as their students’ sophomore years in high school. With parent/guardian emails now available to you to supplement your prospective student outreach, you can engage families earlier in the recruitment process.

Creating separate communication plans for parents/guardians and students gives you the best opportunity to personally engage each family member by segmenting messages to address each person’s concerns and interests.

Maximize Engagement with All Family Members

Add digital messaging to the whole family into your marketing strategy to multiply your prospective student engagement and ensure that you are including the whole family in the college search.

  • Custom Audience Targeting: Easily connect with your students and their parents/guardians on their mobile & at home devices via Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more!
  • Residential Geofencing: Multiply your engagement with prospective students by targeting your messages to all mobile devices in your students’ homes. Parents/Guardians are actively interacting with college digital messages up to 5 times more than students!

Engage Families Today