Eduventures Delivery Mode Cube

The Eduventures Delivery Mode Cube is designed to help higher education leaders think strategically about delivery mode. Going beyond simple campus vs. online distinctions, the Eduventures Delivery Mode Cube (DMC) encompasses a range of learning settings and approaches, as well as factoring in student and institutional types. The COVID-19 pandemic shook up delivery mode norms, exposing students, faculty and staff to new possibilities and combinations. The Eduventures DMC encourages schools to be both more creative and more definitive on delivery mode, weighing the virtues of flexibility and choice against clarity and distinction.

Please explore the tool. To discuss in more detail the issues raised by the tool, and how the Eduventures DMC might be used at your institution, please contact us.

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Side 1

Modality: campus, online, co-curricular and workplace activities (organized top-to-bottom more-to-less immersive)

Side 2

Student Type (e.g. traditional age undergraduate, adult undergraduate, graduate student)

Side 3

School Type (e.g. Carnegie Classification, religious/ethnic/gender identity, location)

Side 4

(e.g. project-based, collaborative)

Side 5

Optional vs. Required (for students)

Side 6

Format (e.g. degree, certificate, project)