A Message from Patrick

Our Commitment to You

We understand our member institutions and all organizations across the globe have been actively watching and responding to developments on COVID-19. We are also continuing to monitor information provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization so we are in a position to better serve our students and institutions during this time.

We understand the incredible challenges this situation is causing everyone, especially your students. We are sensitive to the difficult and complex decisions facing higher education institutions in the weeks and months to follow.

As our member institutions continue to face near-term pressures, ensuring the safety of every student, faculty, and staff member remains the number one priority. If the situation lengthens or worsens, the implications for the very core of higher education – mission, identity, recruitment, instruction, and well-being – must start to be imagined, shaped, planned, and implemented. Our goal is to steer a course between alarm and complacency, continuity and change, and to continue to provide pertinent information, sound analysis, and tailored advice to you and all of our partners.

I am proud to work alongside all of you in our collective mission to serve students. Our ACT | NRCCUA family is dedicated to being a trusted resource for all of our members and maintaining open channels of communication as events unfold. Please do not hesitate to call us if you require any support. Our team is here for you.

Patrick Vogt