Membership matters.

Now part of ACT®, NRCCUA® is a membership organization that has, for more than 45 years, been a leading provider of data, research, and programs that enhance college and university recruiting efforts.

Membership is annual and includes the following benefits:

  • Access to Encoura™ Data Lab and use of the Class Planner module
  • Access to Eduventures’ basic research* and Wake-Up Call
  • Access to our online training library
  • Two passes to the Eduventures Annual Summit**

*Access to the full Eduventures Research and Advisory Services requires an additional fee.
**Two passes require annual, non-discounted membership fee.Contact your RD or complete the form below for more information. 

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Find Out More About Membership


The LMS Market: A David and Goliath Tale, or Something More?

A recent flurry of media attention has cast the current state of the learning management system (LMS) market as a “David vs. Goliath” story. In this tale, underdog Canvas (David) seems poised to usurp industry giant Blackboard (Goliath). Indeed, many articles point to...

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Fit or Funnel: ACT’s Bet on NRCCUA

A couple of weeks ago it was announced that ACT, the organization best-known for its undergraduate admissions standardized test, acquired NRCCUA, provider of enrollment management solutions and the country’s largest free college planning program. The combination of...

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